Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a mouse take to make a mouse?

Well, Each mouse is handmade and it all depends on which mice are being made at the time as some have more fiddly details than others but as a rule, 3 mice are made in an evening.  A custom mouse takes a lot longer and can vary from 1 evening to a whole week.

Can i change colours or make small alterations?

One of my favourite things about this job is putting a smile on so many faces, the challenge of having a theme or and idea and making it come to life is so rewarding. The best way to order a Custom made mouse is sending a message of details of mouse here and I'll set up a custom order for you.

Before purchasing a Wedding Couple, customers worry about the mice going with the colour scheme, not to worry, if i have the colours in stock I'm happy to meet the customers specifications.  That goes for all the mice, if you see a mouse you like but you need it in a different colour or for it to wear little glasses just get in touch and the alterations can be made.

Can i have a message sent with my mouse?

Do you make custom made mice? if so, how do i order one?

You certainly can! When ordering your mouse just leave your short message in the "message seller" and it will be hand written on a gift card to go with your gift.